Whovian Manicures and Pedicures!

Whovian Manicures and Pedicures!


Tardis Nail Wraps

These are my first attempt at some Whovian nails and I’m so freaking excited!! These wraps are made from vinyl and they’re heat and pressure set. Non-toxic, made in America, not tested on animals and cheaper and faster than a trip to the nail salon and TARDIS nails, come on?!

I’ve set these up so that you can do a full set of nails with a TARDIS on every nail, or you can mix and match blue swirls and TARDIS. These sheets will do up to 4 sets of nails (fingers or toes)! I’ll be placing an order on Monday, 9/23/13 (and other orders as interest is there). I can’t post prices online or list this in my Etsy shop, so anyone who’s interested in a set, message me and I’ll give you pricing and details!

I just started selling nail wraps for Jamberry Nails. Their catalog has over 350 designs but how could I possibly say no to their Nail Art Studio where I can design my own! They haven’t yet enabled their website to display the custom wraps so you can only find my special designs by contacting me personally.

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