Who We Are

I am Kimberly, the artist and shop owner for Night Lily Design. I am a compulsive creator. When I’m not allowed to build things while awake my dreams are haunted by designs and production! My art and crafting is heavily influenced by the science fiction and fantasy movies and books that I read.

I’m a Scorpio, so contrasts and polarities are part of my nature. I’m a night owl with glow-in-the-dark skin. I’ve built costumes since I was a kid but the idea of putting my costumes and creative experiments into a shop didn’t come up until I went to FaerieWorlds a few years ago. I lost my mind making multiple sets of faerie wings and as many clothing pieces as I could cram into my suitcase. When I got there the experience of sharing with so many other creative types swept me off my feet. Here were people just like me who appreciated the things that I dreamed up! My shop started with costume faerie wings and butterfly hair clips. Over time I have added more sewn garments like hooded capes, pants for belly dancers and novelty covers for eReaders that look like fluffy, ferocious monsters! My latest shop development is the addition of digital patterns for my fellow do-it-yourselfers 🙂 My degree is in clothing design and production from Colorado State University and I have many patterns that I have flat pattern drafted or draped on a dress form that are just waiting for me to convert to digital form.

I named my shop Night Lily Design when I was studying clothing design and production because I liked the mystery of shadows, the connection to nature and creativity, and the impermanence of flowers, plus it didn’t limit me to any single artistic field. I love the challenge of creating in new, interesting and different ways, and that compulsion to create means a wide variety of items on my site for you to explore. My biggest strength is a sort of ‘sky is the limit’ collection of skills and abilities. If it’s creative, I probably do it!