Construction Notes from My Mord’Sith Costume

Construction Notes from My Mord’Sith Costume

Well friends I have finally gotten up the courage to make my first how-to video 🙂 I had a few friends who were asking me how I did my hair for my Mord’Sith costume so I thought I’d share my method. Other methods that I had read about required the use of two synthetic braids but this method only requires one. I wore it when I went out dancing and not a hair came out of place! Please feel free to ask questions, ask for more how-to’s or leave constructive comments! I’m aware that the camera view is not always perfect- sorry about that! Dratted learning curve…

The patterns for the armor are available from our Night Lily Design shop on WITHOUT INSTRUCTIONS here:

Gorget Being Covered

Heavy interfacing cut out to match the pattern and glued to faux leather


Faux leather wrapped around the edges of heavy interfacing and stitched down with a decorative quilting stitch reminiscent of the leather tooling used on the Legend of the Seeker TV show costume

Decorative stitching shown from the top side


The waist-cincher armor in progress. You can see the slits cut in the ‘leather’ for the straps to pass through.

The buckles I ordered came in with two different metals so I sprayed them all gold to match.

Neck armor showing lacing with waxed sinew

The gorget neck piece laced up and ready for snapped tabs as closure. Note, this is different from the TV version which has more boot hook quick laces on the side back piece. Those hooks are reported to snag the braid horribly not to mention how tricky it sounds to lace the piece on by myself with the hooks in back… I have chosen to make it look like the whole thing is laced on and have hidden snaps actually holding the piece together at the side front panel.

Custom set boot laces purchased from a

leather store so that I didn’t have to buy a boot lace setter $$$ 


  1. Thank you 🙂 I ordered buckles that only came in silver tone and spray painted them gold. They were the most expensive part of the project. If I were building it now, I might look into thermoplastics. For the boots, I had some reddish boots that didn’t clash too much. They weren’t even close to screen accurate. Some girls buy wedge boots and special paints or dyes- check the replica prop forum for details on that. My agiel was made by Valkyrie Leather Design- they have an etsy shop-

  2. I’m looking at making my own version of this. What advice would you give in hindsight?

    I love the buckles you used, where did you get them from? And what did you do for the boots and Agile?

    This is amazing work!

  3. Thank you Nadia 🙂 I’m glad you like it. I got the agiel from the artist who makes them for Legend Costumes.

  4. You did a really cool job on the Mord’Sith costume!!! Could you tell me please where you got the agiel? Thanks!!!

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