Available Creations

Here you will find unique sewing patterns for costumes and clothing, photo realistic butterfly accessories and iridescent fantasy faerie wings, fanciful costume gear like horns that light up, ferocious plush monsters that protect your favorite electronics like Barnes & Noble Nooks, Amazon Kindles and Mac laptops. To see the complete collection of offerings please click on of the images or links below or visit http://NightLilyDesign.etsy.com


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How We Build It

If you’re curious about the latest projects and creative challenges going on at Night Lily Design, you’ll find frequent updates with in-progress pictures, tutorial videos and a glimpse into the mental landscape of artist and designer Kimberly Carman.

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Who We Are

I am Kimberly, the artist and shop owner for Night Lily Design. I am a compulsive creator. When I’m not allowed to build things while awake my dreams are haunted by designs and production! My art and crafting is heavily influenced by the science fiction and fantasy movies and books that I read. (more…)

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